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world sat
Company: World Satellite Vision Pty. Ltd.
Address: PO Box : 603 Dallas, Victoria 3047
Nous's Services: Design, implementation and maintenance of the Worldsat WEB site. (2002)
Introduction: World Satellite Vision Pty. Ltd. is currently the most versatile satellite equipment supplier company in Australia.

click for WORLDSAT web site This company was established with a solid background in satellite technology and knowledge of the Australian market. Our directors have a total of 10 years of experience in the satellite equipment business as well as experience in the installation of Satellite Antennas.

Worldsat is now the sole Company for world known brand products in Australia such as:

  • Paraclipse USA Antennas
  • Patriot USA Antennas
  • California Amplifier USA LNB's and
  • MMD's
  • Phoenix Digital and Analogue
  • Receivers
  • Strong UK Analogue Receivers
  • Samsung Electronics - under negotiation
Currently we are the main and preferred installation contractors for TPG
Company to install
Commercial dishes throughout Australia.

Due to our excellent track records in the installation services provided to these companies and the technical experience we have behind these installations, our Company has been recognised as a professional installer and equipment supplier in Australia and the Pacific Region.

Within the next two months Worldsat looking to become the main supplier of PC Cards and Wireless LAN accessories from a world known electronic company.

An announcement hopefully, will be made in the very near future.

World Satellite Vision Pty. Ltd. is well positioned to meet all your product requirements.

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